The Equipment You’ll Need To Play Football

Football players use many pads to shield them from injury. Every player’s upper and lower body protection will be checked by the referee before each game. To play football, you need several different pieces of equipment, including a helmet, chain strap, mouth guard, shoulder pads, back plates, gloves, girdle, cleats, football trousers, and cups.

Use A Football Helmet

The football helmet is the first and most crucial piece of gear. The helmet should be correctly fitted by the sports trainer, coach, or EMT. A properly fitted helmet will keep the player’s head in place while making contact with an opponent. When selecting a helmet, it is highly recommended that you try on a variety of different sizes.

In addition, before the first day of practice, the athlete should wear the helmet for at least one hour every day. Because the head is not used to having a helmet on, it often causes headaches and other discomforts. If headaches continue, players should inform their coaches so that the helmet’s bladder may be deflated. If these keep happening, you should obtain a new helmet altogether.

Utilizing A Shoulder Pad

Shoulder pads should be purchased in a size that snugly covers the chest and shoulders, much like a helmet. Each participant in a football program will be provided with shoulder pads. The vast majority of players will invest in a set of shoulder pads of their own. Shoulder pads have shrunk in recent years to allow athletes more mobility. Make sure your arms may freely move over your head while shopping for shoulder pads.

Football Pants

Teams often provide players with pants for both practice and games. Only the game pants will be allowed to be worn on game day; the practice pants will be worn at all other times. The pants worn during games are unique to each club and cannot be bought online. Tell your coach right away if your game trousers suffer a rip or tear so you can receive new ones.

Purchasing Cleats

A player’s cleats are required. It’s crucial to wear cleats that complement your team’s color scheme so that everyone on the field or in the gym has a consistent appearance. Metal cleats are prohibited by almost every football league. Both the original and replacement plastic spikes must be used by the teams. Any player seen wearing metal spikes will be immediately kicked off the field.


Everything you need to get started playing football is right here. Although some of the items on this list may be discretionary, it is still essential to check them all off. Ask your coach or the president of the program whether you will be provided with equipment or if you will need to buy it.